The most flexible, transparent, and customized financing built exclusively for organic, regenerative, and transitioning farmers.


“Mad Capital offers a space where farmers, graziers, and land stewards like myself can breathe, stretch, and spread our wings, allowing us to work and think at our highest potential.”

What could you do with a Mad Capital loan? 

Expand Your Footprint

Acquire the farm next door or get the capital you need to effectively expand and strengthen your business.

Transition Your Land

Improve soil health, switch to chemical and synthetic-free fertilizer, plant perennial-based systems, and prioritize animal well being and diversity.

Transition Loans

Now accepting new farmers.

Experiment Freely

Get the breathing room you need to test new ideas, grow your regenerative skill set, and transition your farm the right way.


Cut your transition times in half.

Organic farmers ought to have the same financing opportunities as conventional farmers. Yet, ordinary bankers don’t understand the transition and offload all of the risks onto the farmer. This often pushes a full transition into a 5+ year process, all while the lender has no real skin in the game

It’s an inevitable future—and they can’t see it. These farmers are pioneering the next generation of land stewardship. That’s why Mad Capital’s radical financing was designed to enable stewards to achieve their goals, and to work with nature, rather than against it


Get funds faster

Secure capital with QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES. We understand that time is of the essence when making these deals.

Straight-shooting support 

Access to a SCRAPPY, YET EXPERIENCED, community of values-aligned team members who will provide honest and direct guidance.

Farmer friendly loans

Get CLEAR, CUSTOMIZED TERMS based on your unique operation or situation. Competitive rates and longer terms than traditional lenders.

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A lender that trusts in the power of regeneration.

Mad Capital was born out of frustration with industrial and extractive agriculture and the financial system that keeps farmers stuck in a way of life that doesn’t serve the health of their soil, their communities, or their bottom line. 

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