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Financing for farmers who want to work with nature—not against it.


gain resilience

Secure the financial breathing room necessary to weather the ups and downs of regenerative organic transition. 


First time farmers can access the mission-critical capital and expert support to begin transitioning.

regenerate the land

Improve soil health, switch to chemical and synthetic-free fertilizer, plant perennial-based systems, and prioritize animal well being and diversity.


Flexible, interest-only loans
to see you through transition.

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We are excited to meet you where you’re at in your organic regenerative journey. Sign up for our transition financing waitlist to be the first to know when it’s live → . 

First come, first served. Reach out here.

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Do you know what your land wants to be?

Nearly 7,000 acres are currently in transition by Mad Capital farmers.

Our farmers use Mad Capital to steward smarter, act faster, and think bigger.

Most banks are afraid of cover crops, planting a yellow pea, or making a big farm transition. We’re not

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Secure working capital and lines of credit with QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES. No waiting around for what you need to get to work.

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Access a scrappy, yet experienced community of values-aligned team members who will provide honest and direct guidance.

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Tailor fit the payment schedule of your loan to the cash flow of your farm with INTEREST-ONLY PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Have questions? Get in touch!


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