Mad Capital is a Boulder Colorado based company established to accelerate the regenerative and organic revolution in agriculture! Mad Capital is working to impact 10M acres of regenerative and organic farmland by providing farmers with strategic financial products and resources.

Why it matters - Through our reliance on industrial and extractive agricultural practices, we’ve systematically degraded ecosystems and created many of the largest challenges humanity has ever faced, from declining soil fertility, and dwindling rural wealth, to biodiversity loss, and climate change—and we’re running out of time to fix it.

Why regenerative agriculture - Regenerative organic agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that focuses on maximizing the health of soil, people, and ecosystems. It takes a living systems approach, working with nature, rather than against it, and it actually isn’t new. Forward-thinking farmers have been using many of these practices for decades, but they need support if we’re really serious about turning this thing around.

Why Mad Capital - The idea of Mad Capital started in 2018 with the team developing, launching, and deploying a first-of-its-kind regenerative and organic agriculture investment fund. Today we’re a nimble, well-capitalized team composed of exceptional individuals and dreamers supported by the broader Mad Agriculture family, our network of partners, advisors, mentors, investors, friends, and a growing community of like-minded folks working to build better agricultural systems around the world.

We don’t have time to mess around! To curb the current use—and reverse the legacy—of industrial and extractive agricultural practices, we need to direct billions of dollars into the regenerative organic space as soon as possible. We need ambitious, creative, and empathetic people like you to get this done.

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